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Making it public

Part 2 of 10

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Hey guys! To any of my followers who are fond of Kill la Kill, my friend Dettsu is selling these couple necklaces. Whenever my boyfriend and I hug or kiss, the scissorblades hit each other and it sorta feels like a mini-fight between Ryuko and Nui. :D

Link to Dettsu’s blog: http://dettsu.tumblr.com/

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Kill LA kill genderbend 





someone who hasn’t watched kill la kill explain this

kyary pamu pamu is attacking a young bowl cut hunchback while a wild gargoyle bat nyooms into another  dimension in a weak  attempt to  save the hunchback to take him back to notre dame

The girl from ponponpon got a purple bubble wand and wants to whack the shit out of 60s Paul McCartney in a girls school uniform but a haunted pair of socks is coming to rescue Paul McCartney

Schoolgirl Coconuthead is preparing to get attacked by a blonde looking Madoka and a Zubat.

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I found a scissor blade…

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“Welcome to Death Weapon Meister Academy. More commonly known as the DWMA. It stands as a defense against the forces of evil, which would plunge the world into chaos and drag humanity into the very depths of fear and madness: the demons known as Kishin, and their eternal hunger for destruction. To ensure that the Kishin never regain their hold on this world, this Academy was founded by the Grim Reaper, Death himself. So basically we’re an organization that serves to protect and preserve peace! I guess it’s not exactly a typical school. ”

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